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Thanks for your interest in joining our team!


Please read the following carefully before you complete and submit the application.  Your sumbission of the application indicates that you have read and understand the following six statements:


1)  You certify that all the information is true and complete, to the best of your knowledge.  You understand that if employed, falsified statements on this application or failure to furnish all requested information may result in dismissal.


2)  You authorize former employers, schools, and personal references to provide any information they may have regarding your education and work history. You release those persons or entities from all liability for providing such information.


3)  You understand that if employed, you can be terminated at any time without cause and with or without notice.


4)  Prior to employment, you MUST provide information showing eligibility for employment in the United States and identification.


5)  If employed, I agree that if EC Phillips & Son, Inc. advances or loans any money during the course of my employment, or if I lose, damage, or fail to return any company property, the company is authorized to deduct from my wages sufficient funds to repay such loans or advances or to replace it's property.


6)  EC Phillips & Son, Inc. has a SUBSTANCE ABUSE POLICY strictly prohibiting the use, sale, or illegal possession of a controlled substance or drug not medically authorized.  Any offer of employment is contingent upon verification by drug screening test that applicant is free from the presence of non-authorized drugs. 

Courtesy of Alaska Seafood
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